Digital Gate Controls

Before a Power Gate Operator can been installed it’s time to think about Some things such as:

  • How Do I want to control the Gate?
  • What type of Safety equipment will I need?
  • How much & what type of traffic will be coming threw this gate?
  • ...and how will I bring power to the Operator and it's Controls?

As we all know by now we are living in a world of nearly endless Technology, Your new power Gate can be controlled by a system as simple as your Power Garage Door at Home, or Equipment can be installed to make this gate do just about anything you want-within reason.

With your imput, Owens Fence can help you choose a system that will work for you.

We also can help you bring an existing power gate and controls up to modern standards or to change the way things operate due to current operations with your Business or Home.

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